In early December we could experience the Sofia Philharmonic under the direction of conductor Nayden Todorov in the sold-out Musikverein. Todorov manages to work out a special, warm and colorful sound. He succeeds in combining the classical Viennese tradition with the Slavic emotion. Conductor and the orchestra are obviously not looking for shows or big effects, but are about the music itself.
Wiener Zeitung – Austria
December 2019

Conductor Nayden Todorov pulled out all the musical skills. The audience was thrilled by the contrast between the finely chiseled passages and the rapidly virtuoso parts. In this interpretation, Todorov combined spiritedly gripping gesture and masterly formal overview. The sound beauty and fine sound culture are impressive. Todorov explored the increases under high tension until the final.
Kronenzeitung – Austria
December 2019

The conductor’s clear vision of the overall dramaturgical line also contributed to the convincing presentation of the Fifth Symphony. With its metaphorical transition from reflection on a tragic fate to a triumph of will, the symphony was saved by the often-threatening pathetic triviality that lurks above it.
Kultura – Bulgaria
May 2018

The sensitive accompaniment by the Orchestra under the direction of Nayden Todorov is accentuated and yet pleasantly reserved and thus makes a decisive contribution to perfect listening pleasure.
Suedkurier – Germany
December 2013

The orchestra under the sensitive direction of its conductor Nayden Todorov shone professionally and harmoniously with the famous „first“ violin of Dimitrij Shostakovich.
Allgemeine Zeitung – Germany
January 2010

Even here conductor Nayden Todorov impressively demonstrated that he had a firm grip on the ensemble. Just watching the man conduct his orchestra was a feast for the eyes.
Schwarzwalder Bote – Germany
July 2009

Conductor Nayden Todorov is a capable opera conductor who can hold a performance together very well and lovingly paints out interesting details.
Salzburger Kulturzeitung – Austria
January 2008

A conductor who seduces … Not only the devil seduces the Faust audience of Solothurn, but once again the young conductor Nayden Todorov. Two years ago, “Faust” became a sensational success under his direction, last summer also “Andrea Chénier” Nayden Todorov shades the “Faust” color of the score, dabbing highlights with a supple sound and a soulful melody with a fine brush. The Bulgarian breathes with the singers. A musician through and through who fascinates acoustically and optically with round, flowing movements.
Solothurner Zeitung – Switzerland
July 2005

Тhe wider range of Todorov’s tempi enables the exciting climaxes to achieve their effect all the more powerfully.
Gramophone – United Kingdom
February 2004

Especially Nayden Todorov is a sound mage, with feverish tempos and a sense for the Gounod’s elegance and melting melody.
Berner Zeitung – Switzerland
July 2003

The orchestra, chorus and four soloists were all exemplary musicians, deeply familiar with Mozart’s style and directed firmly and subtly by conductor Nayden Todorov. Symphony No. 40 emerged with high energy in the first movement, gentle colors in the second, intense drama in the minuet and quicksilver brilliance in the finale.
Washington Post – USA
November 2003

The orchestra under Nayden Todorov adds due weight and dramatic impact. Dynamic balance, rhythm, pulse and phrasing are all attended to under his tight direction.
Stringendo Magazine – Australia
September 2002